China’s richest 200 lawmakers worth $500 billion

377555_26388078 (1)– More than 150 billionaires that are part of a group of lawmakers chosen for the different political councils and legislative bodies are worth billions of dollars.

According to recent stats from Hurun Report, the 209 richest members are worth more than $500 billion.

It is worth mentioning here that the Hurun Report also publishes the China Rich List.

The interesting thing is that the mentioned figure is bigger than the GDP is bigger than that of Sweden, Nigeria or Belgium.

Moreover, it is also an interesting fact that the top 100 lawmakers underwent through 64 percent increase in their net worth over the past four years.

The Communist party that once used to be a staunch antagonist of capitalism officially welcomed private-sector business people into its fold in 2002.

As far as the annual political meetings are concerned, the lawmakers always end up approving the ruling Communist Party s proposals however the meetings gave a chance to wealthy delegates of interactions with some of the Communist Party s most powerful members.

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