PTI rallies do not match up to PML-N’s, PM Nawaz jibes

386440_55970185– Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has said on Tuesday that rally of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz is much bigger compared to that of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s rally in Islamabad last week.

The premier addressed a rally of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz workers is Layyah during which he jibed at PTI by saying that the opposition party’s rallies do not match up to those of the federally ruling party.

The people are supporting PML-N for General Elections 2018 and that if anyone does not agree, he should visit Layyah’s rally today, the premier said.

He announced health card programme for the people of Layyah that would purportedly would give them access to free-of-cost medical treatment. He also announced to release funds for supply of gas to Layyah areas including Chowk Azam.

The premier said that he never forgets his friends. PML-N is serving the nation with utmost sincerity, he said.

Enemies do not want the country to progress, he said adding that they are against construction of motorways. The premier said that opposition has been resoorting to unnecessary criticism for the past four years.

During his address, the Prime Minister said that PML-N does not respond to cuss words with cuss words but the organisation talks about development. He branded workers of PML-N lions and those of opposition parties jackals . He said that a 100 jackals cannot harm a lion. The premier said that activists of the political party are close to his heart.

He would be visiting Layyan once more before General Elections 2018, he asserted.

Meanwhile, daughter of the premier who was accused of using shell companies to stash wealth abroad, Maryam Nawaz, stated on Twitter:

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