Japan gets new Kit Kat plant to cater to ‘exotic’ tastes

(Web Desk) – Wasabi, green tea and sake are just some of the things famous in Japan. However, while these may be popularly consumed in the country, these also happen to be some of the exotic flavours of the famous chocolate Kit Kat that have taken the country by storm.

Demand for these flavours is so high that Nestle is opening its first factory in Japan in more than 25 years to cater to increased local production.

According to Bloomberg, Nestle SA is building its first Kit Kat Japanese factory in order to meet booming demand and enhance local production of the chocolate and wafer snack.

Kit Kat has a highly positive reputation in Japan which in part stems from the snack’s name, Kit Kat sounds a lot like “kitto katsu,” which can be loosely translated in Japanese as “sure win”. This has made Kit Kat a popular gift for people who are about to engage in high pressure events such as going for a job interview or sitting for a university examination.

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