Published December 24, 2008

The high school crush was LOVE

By: Davika Mailini


It was a dark summer night when only a few stars on the sky were shining. As the waves of the water touched the shore, they walked slowly across the beach holding hands intimately leaving their footsteps on the sand behind. The wind on the beach blew her hair. They looked into each other's eyes promising to be side by side no matter what. It seemed that they were in a paradise and had forgotten the real world. They had come to the beach around 7:00 when the sun had not quite set. It was now 10:00 already. There were barely any people present at the beach. In the serenity of beach Shreya's phone rang and echoed sharply as if someone has cut through their bodies, awakening both of them from a dream of their own. 


 She realized it's her mom and said to Umar "just a minute, it's my mom" innocently.  Shreya had told her mom that she would be attending a friend's birthday party while Umar, being a boy, didn't even have to clarify. Shreya was wearing a dark blue T-shirt with white Capri's and slippers. Her skin was so light that it made her stand out in the dark with her tall model-like figure. Umar was about 5'8, very muscular, had spiky hair and was wearing blue shorts and a baggy t-shirt which almost reached his knees.


Shreya came back to Umar after giving an explanation to her mom about coming home before 11a.m. Her dad would be extremely mad if he got home before her and found out that Shreya was still not home.  Her mom was always a housewife as her father didn't allow her to work and her dad owned a construction corp. Umar dropped Shreya to the bus stop. When the bus arrived, he gave her a tight hug and walked home as he lived some where close to the beach.


The next day when Shreya went to school she told Sana that she was at the beach with Umar last night. As Sana heard this, she was stunned and automatically said


 "Oh My God…You are one bad girl".


Shreya, totally confused, asked why and Sana explained:


 "you know if your mom finds out where you were, she will be furious….going to the beach at night is too scary and with Umar. "


Shreya rudely replied:


 "I know, I love my mom but I love Umar too…I didn't have a choice but lie" sadly.  


Shreya and Sana have been friends for three years and shared everything. They couldn't even live a day without talking on the phone for at least an hour every day. They knew everything about each other, shared deep secrets, gossiped, cheated on exams and did everything possible for each other. They first met in a basketball class and noticed both of them didn't know how to play. After that they sneaked out of class everyday as soon as the attendance was over. Sometimes they walked around the school and got themselves in trouble.


Sana hated Umar as much as she cared for Shreya. She could never explain it to even herself but she just didn't trust him. She couldn't tell Shreya, thinking she will be extremely offended hearing that about her "love".  Shreya was an extremely romantic person. Noticing her actions, anybody would think that she lives for love and breathes for Umar. She believed in love more than she believed in herself and the facts that made up reality. Shreya thought love can overcome any differences and alter any bad person.


The first year of their relationship was perfect. They would meet everyday as nobody was looking and showed concern for each other as there was nothing more important. Both would have little arguments, sometimes they would even stop talking and then after few minutes, be okay again. Umar would give Shreya a flower each day, or give her an expensive necklace or a bracelet or things that Shreya hardly cared for.  In the beginning everyone wondered where he got this money from as he didn't have any job. Sana asked her one day:


 "where does he get this money from?"


 Shreya defended Umar by saying


 "his dad gives it to him. He is the only child in the house so that's why".


Everything went okay, simple and sweet, but the second year of their relationship took a different turn.


One day Sana was sitting in her math class, staring at the blackboard. The Chinese math teacher dressed in a formal black suit with a wicked haircut was defining a quadratic equation. Sana looked around and couldn't find Shreya in her assigned seat. It was depressing as Shreya was never late to class, she always loved math. Sana started solving the problem x2 +2x +3=0 when suddenly Shreya dressed in black jeans, white sweater with knee-high boots entered the class. Her face was all red and tears were flowing from her eyes. Sana became anxious to see her friend with puffed watery eyes. She couldn't talk in class because the teacher would kick both of them out. So she decided to pass a paper with a message through the girl who sat between them. Sana took out a loose-leaf and wrote:


 "Shreya, Are you okay" and sent it to her.


She passed back the paper and it said:


 "Umar didn't come to school".


After she said it:


"SO WHAT!" just popped out of her mouth out loud.

All the students started looking at her and to escape the undivided attention of the teacher and students, Sana simply said:

 "Mr. Hwang, I don't understand how you solved that question" when she wasn't actually even paying attention.


When the bell rang and the period ended, both came out of the class and Sana asked:


 "so what if he didn't come to school" and Shreya rudely replied:


 "you don't understand, he didn't come yesterday either and didn't receive my calls either".


Sana abruptly said:


"well, he is trying to ignore you meaning that he is now bored of you".


She didn't realize what she just said and how much that would hurt Shreya. Sana who could take her words apologized and explained diligently:


 "look, before he couldn't even live without seeing you and suddenly he is not even interested in talking, he is just a player".  


A player is some one who is cheap enough to make girls think that he is in love with her and basically just uses her for pleasure. Sana was sorry that her best friend was the one who got "played". Hearing this Shreya didn't talk to her for the rest of the day.


As they left school quietly after their last class, Shreya saw Umar holding hands with this "other girl". The view was exactly the same when Shreya and Umar used to hold hands except the fact that the girl had replaced Shreya. Seeing this, Shreya ran to the bus stop alone and disappeared.


Later that evening, when Sana called Shreya's cell phone, her mom picked up and said "who's this".


The voice was upset and full of sorrow.  Sana spoke hesitantly:


 "Aunty, may I pleaseee talk to Shreya?”


 And she replied:


 "Ohhh Sana, you can't. Shreya is in the hospital, she came home crying and was very upset. When I asked she went to her room and closed the door. After a while, I checked back, and she was unconscious. Do you know anything that happened in school?”


Sana was shocked with no idea what to tell Sherya’s mom.


The next day when Sana went to school she saw Umar outside with the girl again. She actually went up to him and asked:

 "Umar, what the hell do you think you are? How could do this to Shreya? Do you know she is in the hospital because of YOU? You are the reason, only YOU!!"


Umar insolently replied:


"Oh please! Shut up! I didn't tell her to get unconscious. It was just a high-school relationship. She was stupid to take me so seriously at this age anyways".


Sana yelled:


 "Don't you know anything about loyalty?" and Umar screamed back:


 "No I don't. The only thing I know about loyalty is its spelling".


Sana stared at Umar so hard like she was just going to punch his face for a minute and silently walked away.


Sana really didn't have that much of a big shock. She already had feelings that Umar was such a boy but didn't have the guts to go tell Shreya.  The doctors wouldn't release Shreya from the hospital thinking she had psychological problems.  She had to constantly go for counseling and couldn't attend school for rest of the year. Being medically excused, she was able to graduate from high school as it was her senior year.


This is a true story that had changed a girl’s life. If you would like to share similar stories or incidents – funny or sad – please write to us at If you prefer to remain anonymous, we will respect your right to do so.